Something that has always annoyed me in WoW is the apparent addiction the WoW community has to propagating retarded acronyms. I don’t have anything against the idea of abbreviating, but when it somehow becomes necessary to make a three-letter acronym for every dungeon, despite most of them only having two words in the title, I start to eye-twitch.

I’m talking about War Song Gulch, Ma Gister’s Terrace and Ice Crown Citadel. [Also, Razor Fen Kraul, Sun Well Plateau, Black Fathom Deeps…]

I was always confused by people who wanted me to run Shadow Labs with them, since I only knew of one Shadow Labyrinth.

Hunters get bonus retard points for having two specs apparently entitled Marks Manship and Sur Vival.

I’m also perplexed at why putting an H before the name of a dungeon is so ambiguous that it must be expanded to HC, which I must assume stands for “Heroi Cmode”

And don’t even get me started on the lack of understanding of basic English grammar displayed by those players attempting to name people with the Inscription profession. Let me help you out. Scribes are people who inscribe glyphs through the act of inscription. See how simple it is? “Scribe” is a word. “Inscriptionationatorister” is a retard sandwich.


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