I love Feathermoon to death, but trying to find a raid group at Aussie-friendly times on a US realm can be very difficult. A few months ago I toyed a bit with the idea of transferring my Warlock to Barthilas Horde, for the dual reasons that I could play with a friend of mine from work and that it’s an Oceanic-designated realm so I could easily find a guild that raided Aussie weeknights. It was only a vague thought, but I put in an guild application anyway, to test the waters so to speak.

I was surprised a day or so later to find an in-game mail sent to me back on Feathermoon from a guild I didn’t apply for, who had seen my application and asked if I’d be interested in putting in an application to join them on Aman’thul Horde, another Oceanic realm. They liked my application, and though I was reluctant to spend the USD55 [both a server and faction transfer] to move to what I knew to be a fairly underpopulated realm, I was flattered that the top Horde progression guild on the server had taken the time to seek me out on my own realm.

Unfortunately my assessment of Aman’thul was correct, and after raiding for less than two weeks with my new guild, during which at least three scheduled 25-man raids were cancelled due to lack of attendance, the leadership decided they were going to transfer servers to Frostmourne. And I couldn’t bring myself to spend another USD25 to follow them.

At least I got a neat title out of it.

It’s dumb to assume that spending more money on the game is necessarily going to increase your enjoyment of it. People are jerks everywhere. The grass is no greener and the money you spend repeatedly jumping the fence adds up to a lot.

I did eventually end up transferring to Barthilas as I’d originally intended [another $25] since by that time I’d rolled a few horde toons there. But for the moment I’ve just lost interest in playing my warlock. I don’t think it helped that around the same time the above went down I had decided to try out Demonology spec, which I found nowhere near as fun or fluid to play as Destro. Now when I look at my warlock I see an orphaned toon which has fallen well behind the raiding gear curve, has clunky play mechanics and who can’t produce the satisfyingly large numbers that my Shaman can.

I know all I need to do is apply for a progression guild again. I’m sure my passion for demonic power would return once I stepped into a raid and started letting the fire fly again…


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