Turns out we have 3.3.5 as of this morning. I was surprised. But apparently from what I’ve heard the reason we are not allowed to play Ruby Sanctum until next week is because the European servers don’t get the patch until next week and if we could play it now all the European competitive guilds would QQ their heads off because THE AMERICANS GOT IT A WEEK BEFORE US and that’s UNFAAAIIIIR.

lol is all I have to say. I see the decisions Blizzard makes so much these days as like a judicious parent trying to manage a bunch of idiotic crying children who lack the maturity to understand it’s only a game. =)

Also, I’m not sure I have ever, ever seen them actually get a patch out and properly playable within the 8-hour maintenance window. I really don’t know why they even think they can any more. They should advertise a 12-hour window and look at it again towards the end. As I type this the realms are still down and there is no current estimate when they’ll be playable again.

I missed posting my Wednesday auctions and this disappoints me. If only there was some way of doing this stuff from my desk at work…

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