Jaded rambling

I’ve been bored with WoW. I log in, I build my little robots, list them on the AH, and then realise that there is very little that I can do now to advance my toons.

My guild 25-man ended a couple of months ago, and while the officers and a few core raiders still have a 10-man going, I can’t find a lot of motivation to try and attend. I was sent an in-game mail asking if I was interested… or rather, if my Shaman was interested. Actually, my Shaman is not interested in re-running content from which he can gain no new gear and is a step backwards in terms of progression. As much fun as wiping on Sindy achievement-mode over and over so that one more person in the raid can finish their meta sounds. Would you like to come to my Deadmines run? L40+ only pls!

I’m probably being oversensitive, but I find it slightly insulting that my invitation would be implied to only extend as far as my best-geared toon. I’ve offered to tank for them on my aptly-geared Warrior, but they seem to already have a surplus of either officer alt tanks or druids who have been geared up by our now-defunct 25-man raid, neither of which is something I can compete with.

So I pug. It’s RNG at its finest. You really never know what you’re going to get. Inevitably I have fun, I get one or two minor upgrades. Then one person leaves and the raid is over because you’ll never find a replacement willing to join an Icecrown pug that is past the first few bosses.

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