I am not a doodoo-head!

So many contemporary proverbs come to mind when I think about Internet arguments. My personal favourite is the “Special Olympics” simile. The trick is to realise that you’re competing against [a bad word that I edited out later].

I’ve been casually following this big controversy over at the Noisy Rogue blog. Apparently he made some kind of sexist/misogynistic comment on his blog, and this caused some people to become terribly offended. You know, the kind of people that are offended by the idea that there exist people who disagree with their own world view. People who will necessarily feel compelled to reinforce their opinion by shouting it as loudly as possible and attacking their newly discovered enemy with any weapon they can devise. Which is their right as morons on the Internet, I suppose.

It starts to get sad when the poor guy actually responds to these retarded attacks. You can’t really blame him. It’s an evolved response; If someone attacks you, you defend yourself.

Retarded arguments speak for themselves. If a child calls you a doodoo-head, you probably don’t need put together a concise argument detailing specific instances wherein you have specifically avoided cranial contact with feces. Similarly, you’re only wasting your own time making a reasonable counter-argument to someone who has already demonstrated their own ignorance of reason.


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