In which Coreus offers his opinions on class changes in 4.0

In order of win:

Destro Warlock

Perfect. No complaints whatsoever. Everything it was before and more.

Prot Warrior

Little has changed, really. Still the most fun tanking class by far. The unthinkable has happened, as other tanks have had their spammable AoEs nerfed in to bring them line with Warriors. =) In fact, Warriors get a slight buff. You Rend before you Thunderclap and chain that thing [a la Pestilence] to dot up everything you touch. It’s almost a shame it doesn’t do more damage, because I love the mechanic.

Balance Druid

Fantastic improvements here. The core Eclipse mechanic of the spec is still there, minus its major drawbacks. DoTs are no longer worthless! Long range silence is very welcome, though the CD is long. It does kind of bug me that separate “solar” and “lunar” power generation is an illusion — in practice the meter will only maintain its present “direction” and using the “wrong” spell just doesn’t affect it.

New line for emphasis: New Thorns = epic win.

Seriously, this spell is all amazing, all the time. Glyph it for ~80% uptime and put it on whoever the mobs are smacking. Its DPE makes it worth casting even in single target situations, and it’s a threat Misdirect to the tank. It’s so good I’m fully expecting a nerf before too long. I also fully expect it to be fixed so that the reflective damage done is counted as belonging to the caster of the buff [like Earth Shield does now with healing] otherwise meter-conscious idiots will just ignore it.

Feral Druid Tank

Finally we can put Dodge Rating on our gear. Mitigation OP-ness incoming. =) I predict BiS for feral druids will always be whatever item has the highest single green stat that can be reforged into Dodge Rating.

Single target threat is very solid, but AoE threat is a huge, huge headache, and requires you to shift out to Thorns yourself and then shift back into Bear Form before every pull or your threat wont keep up with the DPS. Again, Thorns = win, and it’s good thing it is, because bears wont get their main AoE move until L81.

I’m trying to decide for myself whether Thorns being castable while in Bear Form would be completely overpowered, because that spell is way too useful in its current state, thus encouraging players to switch out constantly to take advantage of it.

I’ve also spent a short time in the following specs.

Holy Paladin

Instant spells up the wazoo and eight different procs that each buff a different spell in a different way. Also none of my UI mods seem to support Holy Power yet, so I’m forced to keep my default Player frame turned on, and constantly cast my eyes all the way up to the top corner of the screen to check my Holy Power level. Ugh, default UI flt. I’m looking forward to putting some dedicated time into tackling this learning curve, once I can work out the Holy Power display issue.

Ret Paladin

I like it. I always found the Ret spec to be utterly boring to play, but I like this. =) See above comments on Holy Power UI.

Fury Warrior

A bit broken at the moment, which I’m sure is the result of the spec being tuned for L85 Rage generation, less haste/crit and using more abilities such as Colossus Smash. I never before heard of a DW class wanting to cap out a full 27% Hit chance ahead of all other stats, and I’m sure this is unintended result of white damage currently being much higher than ability damage.

I’m really looking forward to playing Fury without the retardedness that is dual-weieding 2H weapons, so it’s a bit disappointing to realise that Single Minded Fury is going to be subpar until Cata gives us slow 1H weapons with Strength on them. Of course, not having a full set of plate DPS gear yet is probably a slightly bigger issue for me at this stage. =P

Enhancement Shaman

I haven’t actually gotten around to doing anything on my Shaman yet, but I smacked a target dummy for a minute or two, after which I fully understood those whining forum idiots’ complaints about going from being GCD locked to having nothing to press.


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