I love what Blizzard has done to healing. =) I’ve been healing on my Paladin and my now L73 Priest as Discipline and they’re both amazingly well-designed. The new healing model in general is just really well done — fast heals actually feel meaningful with a significant heal, but a high price for the convenience.

Thank you for making me have to think. Discipline hasn’t seen much change — it’s as CD focused as ever, but I can’t imagine that any of the other healing classes are anywhere near as reactionary as the Paladin’s is now. I mentioned the learning curve in an earlier post, and it’s a spot-on assessment. This shit is going to take a bit of getting used to before it becomes second nature. I’m not going to be comfortable that I’m a competent healer until I can reach an incident of high party damage and not panic because I suddenly can’t figure out what buttons to press for maximum throughput.

The DPS talents are a stroke of genius. And I know they’re only there to placate bored healers when they overgear content. But I have to admit, I am placated as hell. =) That 2k of damage per second may not be what I’m used to pulling, but it keeps me sane by allowing me to try to DPS. I can engage my competitive DPS mindset at times when the healing one would only lie idle, lazily hitting a button every six to ten seconds. In the future I think I’m going to enjoy finding a combination of gear, glyphs and talents that will give me the most supplementary DPS without nerfing my healing too much.


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