Dear Diary

I try to avoid posting personal things in here. I’d prefer this blog to be more about exploring ideas that I find interesting than “you’ll never guess what I did last night..!”

But, you’ll never guess what I did last night!

Not one, but two Lich King kills. Yes, I know, it’s trivial content now, but what made this impressive was both were from pugs I joined in Trade chat.

I’ve had horror-story PuGs before, oh I have. These days I go in with “does your raid know the fight?” and when they answer “yes” they provide me my excuse for leaving if they don’t.

The first one was a total luck-out on my part. Guy posts in trade: “LF DPS for Lich King.” I’m on my Warrior at the time so I ride up to him in Dalaran and on declining his initial invitation tell him I’m happy to bring my Moonkin. I figure I wouldn’t mind a chance at my fourth Kingslayer title, and if they’re crap, well, he already lied to me about them knowing the fight. =) Turns out they’re all alts who know the fight backwards and we execute a very comfortable one-shot — with more than half of us, my feathery self included, getting the achievement for the kill.

I tried to downplay this easy victory from the Significant Other, who had wandered in half-way through the fight, and that I knew has been desperate for a Lich King kill.

We soon found ourselves volunteering in tandem [myself somewhat more reluctantly] for the next trade pug to advertise, which after some initially terrible first impressions and an extremely slow and rocky start managed to pull themselves together by the fourth attempt. For me it really highlighted how massive the space for error on that fight is now. We had some textbook-horrid defile placements, a warlock who didn’t understand how to use his portal, melee s-keying out of defile, and I think my OT must have missed more than half of the Soul Reaper tank swaps… But in the end, nine achievements, including the Significant Other’s long sought-after title.

Two very satisfying kills, brought to you by Trade. ^^

The End.


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