The important thing is that I’m right.

It didn’t really occur to me until just the other day how big a deal today’s patch is to people who haven’t been soaking up this content in the beta. Maybe my AH rival will take a 4-hour break from camping the AH and I can sell a few gems for once. Really hard to compete with someone willing to spend that much time posting auctions.

Blizzard is apparently still suffering from their groupthink corporate delusion of thinking they can get a patch out on time. At this point I shrug and roll my eyes. Expectation management is important for keeping one’s sanity in this game we play. At least predicting the worst offers the consolation of being right when you lose.

I’m wondering how much pull the new class/race combinations will have. I guess not as much as the fact that they’re playing through completely new content. I thought it was interesting to note that of the new combinations, the horde gains three tanks, while the alliance gains none, and whether this will affect queue length [by which I of course mean DPS queue length] for low-level dungeons.


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