Cataclysm, etc.

Eighty-five and ready to raid. Well, to be honest I was ready to raid three weeks ago, but apparently I’m in a guild full of noobs who don’t even take time off work to play new expansions. The only raid content I’ve tasted so far was Baradin Hold, and while it was terribly exciting to step into a new encounter not fully understanding what to expect, the very comfortable one-shot was something of an anticlimax.

I’d anticipated a plethora of business opportunities in Cata and was not disappointed. I started the expansion still in debt [to the Significant Other] but quickly found myself back in the black and able to afford any and all perks I felt like acquiring.

Gems are an easy staple, cut them, list them at an undercut whenever you find a spare minute and roll the dice on whether the next competitor will undercut you before they sell. Repeat every 3-4 hours or whenever you find time — your profit is fairly proportional to the frequency at which you relist.

Enchanters seem a bit broken at the moment. No, not the profession, the people. But who am I to complain about paying ~3g for an enchant which currently cost 2-300g in materials. I should probably stock up.

Engineering robots are selling well as always, and as always at a ridiculous profit margin. I wonder if I should be concerned at the prospect of non-proliferation treaties, what with all the Personal World Destroyers I’ve been proliferating…

I love Archaeology as a secondary profession. It’s beautifully designed to be a perfect time-filler if you’re just hanging out or a pleasant wind-down between more intense gameplay sessions.

Assuming, of course, that you’re not one those people who misunderstand the purpose of a secondary profession and assume it’s a guaranteed path to welfare epics. I’ve seen a couple of epic QQ threads on the forums. Nothing more amusing than a flailing idiot with a sense of entitlement, and there seem to be an awful lot of them.

As for me, I quite enjoyed the chance to see the world, though I did eventually end up hitting some serious DR as the attainable Rare artifacts dried up. I think I might wait until a few more artifacts are patched in before I push for Professor, as I neither feel myself lucky enough to expect another L85 BoA to land on my lap, nor do I feel compelled to spend any more hours choking on three layers of RNG for Nerubian or Tol’vir artifacts.


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