In which Coreus fails to stay positive

One quick note to begin. I find it interesting that the idea of epics only coming from raids lasted for only one major patch. Is there any reason why the future ilevel 353 gear couldn’t still be blue? I guess it’s more important to let people feel special than to try to preserve the idea of “epic” gear.

Outside of raiding I’m not finding a lot of motivation to play my endgame toons . I love playing my Warrior, but I’ve just run out of things I can do solo to improve her tanking gear, and Warrior DPS barely interests me. I find it hard to motivate myself to put any extra effort into my Paladin when the people I raid with on that toon clearly lack similar motivation. And I got my Druid all the way to 85 before losing interest in what feels like a half-baked imitation of other classes with increasingly fewer unique gimmicks.

[Speaking of, I have another prediction for future patches: one or two other classes will gain an innervate-style “give the healers some mana back” ability. Because no class should ever get a unique support ability.]

Last night, I took my Hunter from 75 to 79. And it was boring. The same quests I’ve done five times before were reduced to a checklist of chores I needed to complete. I blanched at the idea of having to kill the same mobs yet again and I did it anyway.

I’m not sure whether to be disappointed in myself for spending hours of my life doing something I didnt’ enjoy or disappointed in the game for rewarding this, and it’s made me reflect on the merits of “forced” levelling as I find myself putting up with it in order to gain the ability to play a brand new class at endgame.

Another disappointment: I ran into Sköll while I was in Storm Peaks on my Hunter. I was L78 and he 80, so all I could do was kill him for the achievement and vendor the shitty dagger he drops. Oh well, it’s not like I would actually play that horrible spec just to have a unique pet anyway.

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