A post for Wednesday 23 March

It occurs to me that I write far too much that doesn’t end up actually getting posted. I think my way of thinking is just too tangential and roundabout and I end up getting sidetracked exploring related concepts and I just don’t have the time to spend three hours untangling a web of ideas into something readable for every post. Being concise is good too.

My Hunter is L80 now and I find myself really looking forward to playing him again. I stumbled across Gondria the other day, and unable to resist the allure of running around with such an epic pet I’ve been soloing as Beast Mastery [between dungeons– as Survival, obviously]. The spec is interesting enough– a bit too facerolley for my tastes, but then I’m the guy who would play a Hunter completely pet-less if that was a viable option.

As I approached L80, I was put in a random dungeon with three Paladins. I told them I thought Paladins were hilarious, being the most popular class in the game because no matter how much the devs try to “balance” them they end up overpowered. One of the Paladins left early on, only to be replaced by another Paladin. I suppose that’s just how the game goes these days.

As a postscript I would like to also make mention of how overpowered Survival feels for AoE trash pulls at the moment. Not only is it overtuned at the moment and completely front-loaded, but with misdirect I have free reign to open up the second [or even a second before] the tank pulls. Can any other class compete with that?


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