Syrannia’s raid isn’t going well. Hitting a progression wall [Nefarian, in case you’re curious] has been fairly demoralising for the group as a whole, and this in turn has caused a few of our more casual players [the ones that returned for Cataclysm] to lose interest in raiding again, which is practically a step backwards.

I should say that I’m glad, though, that these people are not allowing themselves to feel obligated to “play” a game that they’re no longer enjoying, and though it is to the detriment of the group, I would never want or expect a raid member to show up solely for the benefit of the other raiders. It’s only a game, after all.

I don’t have an issue with progressing slowly on a single boss, as long as we are learning and progressing in our own understanding and competence, but at this point I’m starting to doubt we even will down Nefarian before the lack of interest has claimed too much of our group to really hope to continue.

The major thing I find demoralising is my own mistakes. As I’ve said in previous posts, I’m not what I would consider a really good player. My reaction time is fairly slow and I have trouble making decisions on the fly, not to mention a lack of concentration causing me to space out occasionally and miss important fight mechanics.

I feel as though I’m kind of done for the tier. I’ve replaced my last couple of blue slots and now have a complete matching set of gear which feels like a natural completion point for me– the same way my Shaman feels “complete” in his T10 Frost Witch gear. I like my WoW characters to be neat.

So I’ve been giving a lot of thought to a class change for the next tier. I love tanking to death, but I feel like the raid as a whole might be better off with me playing a role which was not quite so pivotal in terms of playing without error.

Obviously I’ve been recently smitten with the Hunter class, but our raid already has both a Hunter and a Warlock [my second choice for DPS] which are both those respective players’ “main” toons, and returning to the neat freak thing, it would kind of irritate me to double up an existing class in the raid– in terms of class balance my prot Warrior is a really good fit as the raid stands. And no, I have no interest in playing a melee DPS, especially not Warrior.

I suppose I’ll just need to wait and see what our raid looks like when 4.2 hits.


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