More patch change thoughts

I know I’m a bit late to the game with this, but I have some opinions to opine on some of the proposed 4.2 patch changes.

Innervate nerf!
I had previously predicted that one or more other classes would get their own version of this spell, the ability to grant healers 20% of their total mana is pretty overpowered for only one class to have, but nerfing it by 75% is probably just as effective a way to achieve relative class balance.

As we all know, Warrior Stances had a pretty archaic design up until recently [compare them to Death Knight Presences and you’ll see what I mean] and I’m glad to see some of the remaining pointless restrictions being lifted, as three pretty major CDs; Retaliation, Recklessness and Shield Wall will no longer have stance requirements.

So end result: Prot can use Retaliation for AoE pulls, Arms can use Recklessness without having to stance dance, and all DPS Warriors [I still can’t use that term without snorting derisively] have to spend one less theoretical GCD on getting their emergency mitigation up after they pull aggro on everything because they suck at the game.

Oh who am I kidding, as if a DPS Warrior would ever sacrifice damage to save their own life…


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