A video game

Lately I’ve been enjoying just playing WoW. According to the Dungeon Finder I’ve completed seven random tier-1 Heroics this week on my raid-geared [pre-Heroic BiS] Warrior tank, which is something I haven’t done since January. I’ve just been really enjoying the easygoing, mindless fun.

There’s no gear to gain or any other character-specific benefit; though it definitely makes me money through Valor Points, Chaos Orbs [now that I’m a Blacksmith] and random Sack rewards. I suppose all it takes is this small incentive to get me in and playing again– I’m anything but wanting for gold right now, but as a minmaxing player I’ve become so accustomed to needing my playtime to be productive that I don’t know if I could convince myself to go otherwise.

I also gave Pally tanking a go yesterday for the first time post-4.0.

Man, that spec is weeeird. I think it’s mainly the holy power mechanic, but at first glance and compared to Warrior tanking the rotation just seems a bit backwards-intuitive. Also wtfspareglobalszomg!? But still just as faceroll-ey as I had expected– I dont’ know if it was becuase I was overgeared in my mixture of offset-rolled tanking and DPS gear [probably] but I pretty much just mashed whatever button was lit up and seemed to do just fine.

Also, roflol at “Hammer” of the Righteous spell effect resembling absolutely nothing like a hammer any more. Now it’s just an AoE pulse that for some reason makes a clang sound.

Also, what the hell happened to the idea that tanks wouldn’t have spammable AoE any more? Being able to fill three out of every four globals with an aoe move may not be “spammable” in the traditional sense of 100% consecrate/D&D/swipe uptime, but it’s pretty damn close in my opinion. This was the one area in which I thought Warriors were finally actually on par with other tanks, but it turns out we once again have the longest gap between basic AoE moves [6 second CD for Thunder Clap].

Not that I’m complaining. Warriors are still by far the most fun tanking class to play. Which I suppose is the [eventual] point of this whole post. I am having fun playing a video game.


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