Thoughts for Tuesday 28th June

Something that I always thought was odd back in Wrath was when there were seperate titles for 10- and 25-man versions of raid achievements, though the 25-man versions had a more blatant prestige to them, that the 10-man version always seemed to have a nicer… poetry to them;

the Astral Walker vs Starcaller
the Immortal vs the Undying
Twilight Vanquisher vs of the Nightfall

at least until Heroic Lich King bucked the trend with;

Bane of the Fallen King vs the Light of Dawn

One of the recent additions to our raid made a comment last week that he thought it was awesome that we raided and progressed, but still had fun while doing it.

I thought it was interesting, because it didn’t really occur to me that having fun while playing a video game was anything remarkable.

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