Star Wars: A New MMO

So far, TOR seems to have won over the other members of my household, and so there seems a high likelyhood that I will end up trying it out with them. We’ve each seen the preview videos and, though I don’t think any of us expects anything revolutionary in the gameplay department, what we agree on is that Star Wars unverse seems like an awesome world to inhabit.

What I am concerned about is price; specifically that there may be an arbitrary mark-up for Australian IP addresses. I’m willing to pay $50 for a decent sized game if I’m confident I will want to play it long enough to get that much value out of it, but $80+ for a video game is retarded and prices me out in 95% of cases. There’s only one game I can think of that is “worth” that much money to me, and I already pay $15 a month for it.

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