Valor Cap

I think it’s a bit telling that the only location you can view your weekly Valor cap is on the Dungeon Finder screen.

I’m not a big fan of Zul’Gurub. I never played the original, having only a level fifty-something toon by the time BC was released, and the new version seems… I don’t know… a bit too gimmicky? I guess the mechanics-heavy fights are interesting, but I just don’t find them all that fun.

I do enjoy Zul’Aman. The bosses are meh, but the trash is great, and having an excuse to chain pull trash is my idea of fun in WoW.

When the daily Random Heroic was first introduced as part of the Dungeon Finder back in 3.3, there were sixteen L80 Heroics in the random pool, which meant it was rare to see the same dungeon twice in a week of Frost capping. In the first tier of Cataclysm, there were only nine, but when you were only doing one per day, they didn’t get too repetitive too fast.

In 4.2, not only are we doing the same two dungeons over and over and over and over, we may well end up doing them up to four times in a single day if we’re being efficient about it [say, with an weekend guild group]. I don’t think anyone will disgaree when I call this very poor design.

I think I understand now why they reduced the cap on Valor Points; they realised how quickly raiders would start despising the game if they had to grind seven of these bloody things a week.


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