Somewhat mollified

Two things:
No transmogrifying Legendaries.
Blizzard intends to limit as best they can players from using balatantly “silly” items like fish and frying pans.

I’m glad the devs have at least thought this through. And I now feel silly for doubting that they had. =)

Now if they could only find a way to retroactively disable players from using blatantly retarded special characters in their names.

In other news, Firelands complete!* The Firelord has been vanquished! Also, I got my sweet T12 four-piece bonus for a fairly OP level of CTC.

*News may be over one week old at time of posting.

Thinking about Transmogrification and “silly” weapons, I’m suddenly reminded of the level-twenty-something green-quality mace my Paladin tanked with for a time. It had the appearance of a oversized gnarled wooden staff, and I put Fiery on it so it looked like it was on fire. And I would charge into battle brandishing it and yelling Feel the wrath of Canadian lumber, fool! And then I would hit things with it.

That was great.


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