A Legendary for a single class

In the most absurd example of player-manipulation in recent memory, Blizzard is encouraging people to play Rogues again by creating a Legendary dagger just for them.

Well what else am I supposed to think? We already know it is not lore-related, so it’s clearly a design decision.

The devs have stated on many occasions their lack of willingness to create content which is only open to one class. We’ve also been told that a tanking Legendary would not be possible because the tanking classes don’t all use the same type of weapon– so any they created would be used by two classes at most.

But now they have decided on a Legendary which seems to break both of these conventions… and the only reason I can think of that makes any sense is that they’re trying to make raiders more inclined to play their Rogues again.

The reason Rogues are so unpopular is only due to poor design in the first place. As far as PvE’s concerned, they’re just a melee class that’s missing a tanking spec.

(Also, are daggers even useful to all Rogue specs? I was under the impression only one spec was PvE viable with daggers.)

I feel like I keep coming back to the same arguments again and again… Blizzard seems to be spending more of their design budget inventing systems to push people into playing the way Blizzard thinks they should play than actually designing gameplay systems.


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