Twenty minutes of TOR

The significant other purchased this for me yesterday. Twelve hours of downloading later, I was able to play for roughly twenty minutes or so this morning before I had to leave for work.

Right out of the gate TOR has a distinct art style which strikes me as being deliberately designed [like WoW’s] to age well, and a very responsive interface. The one thing that killed Rift for me was that the action bar interface was laggy as hell, so this was my number-one concern for this game. I’m relieved that this wont be an issue.

I had plenty of time yesterday to read up on the classes, and so far Jedi Knight seems a fairly good fit for my preferred playstyle, being basically a carbon copy of Warcraft’s Warrior class.

This is a joke that will probably get very, very old in time, but right now I am just so terribly amused at how much of this game is lifted straight out of World of Warcraft.

I counted the following Warrior abilities which have [what appear to be based on the tooltip descriptions] mechanically identical equivalents on the new class:

Taunt [obviously]
Battle and Defensive Stances
Sunder Armor and Devastate
Concussion Blow
Shield Wall
Last Stand
Challenging Shout
Pummel [the interrupt move is named “Force Kick”– love it]

You really can’t count this stuff against the game though. WoW came to its design through nearly a decade of iteration, and I wouldn’t expect TOR to stray too far from this design, at least at first.


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