I don’t think a big enough deal has been made about the Companion system in TOR, and what it means for group content. Now there is no excuse for pugging with people who perform poorly– you can literally replace them with an NPC. In my mind this creates a benchmark for acceptable player performance, something WoW lacks.

I am extremely curious to see exactly how well these NPCs perform compared to an adept human player in terms of throughput numbers. I have to assume that even with perfect micromanagement, NPC performance will not be on par with a competent human player, though I may well be wrong. I’ve seen people mutibox dps and healing simultaneously before. Maybe this is designed as a high skill-cap to the PvE side of the game, allowing those with the aptitude to perform as well as two human players. Even if the performance isn’t identical, I can easily envisage a hypothetical 10-man raid team having one or two of their players use companions to replace missing raiders, rather than gambling on unknown pugs.

I’m still playing WoW. Raiding is extremely fun, and I fully expect us to finally kill Deathwing this week.

When not raiding, I’m usually messing around with my auctions or mounts or transmog gear. Neeearly completed the Judgement recolour set from BC Heroics, which I think looks really pretty on Syrannia. [As a Warrior she so rarely gets to look pretty.]

A combination of factors has created impetus to level my cooking and fishing skill, and alerted me to the vague possibility of future acheivements in those areas. I actually ended up having a blast seeking out obscure recipes to bridge the gap between cooking skill level 250-300 such as Runn Tum Tuber Surprise from Dire Maul and Smoked Desert Dumplings from Silithus.

I picked up the Shadowmourne quest, because hey, it might happen eventually, and even if I don’t complete it for a year or two, I don’t think those quest rewards are going be much less leet than they are now.

I also can’t help but notice how close I am to the The Exalted title, and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I hit that milestone as well, what with all the old instances and raids I seem to be running these days.

I have one hundred and thirteen mounts. Last weekend I went to the trouble of actually making a list of the 40-odd “reasonably attainable” mounts I had left, from camp-fests like Aeonaxx and the Time-Lost drake, to the 1% drop-rate RNG-fests from the likes of Malygos and Attumen, to the various raiding Metas that were either before Syrannia’s time or she just never got around to completing, to the thirteen Argent Tournament mounts I have yet to grind from dailies, to the three Flying Carpets that are only a short profession switcheroo away. I am certain there will be another “x number of mounts” achievement mount in Mists, the only question in my mind is whether the number will be 125 or 150. Or ideally, both. =D

Y’know, when you start thinking long-term like this, suddenly spending a night or two camping Aeonaxx doesn’t seem like such a bad deal.

I would like to rant briefly about the Spine of Deathwing trinkets. There are a series of trinkets which proc a buff of 88 to a single primary stat which stacks ten times, giving basically 880 of that primary stat. This is, by a retardedly huge margin, the best itemisation a trinket could possibly have for every DPS spec of every class. 880 Intellect, 880 Agility, 880 Strength, and one for healers with 880 Spirit, plus a large chunk of static Intellect because Spirit is practically a secondary stat.

But for some reason the gear design team either hates tanks or have somehow not played a tank since BC, because for some jesus-fucking reason, this “single primary stat” design translated into giving tanks a trinket with the one stat they care least about, dodge rating. Dodge Rating. Not Stamina, which is, y’know actually a primary stat, not even Mastery rating which is about as desirable for tanks as any primary stat ever has been. They gave DPS and healers the absolutely most best ultimate itemisation ever ever and gave tanks DODGE FUCKING RATING. They didn’t even give us any sympathy stats like they did the Healer trinket.

I made a rage comic about it.


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