lolnerfs, again

So Dragon Soul is being progressively nerfed in a similar style to Icecrown. Fair enough.

Funny that I was just blogging about this very subject yesterday. I need to say that I think using the Firelands nerf as a comparison is a bit of a stretch– as I wrote yesterday, my opinion is that the Firelands nerf came from a raiding paradigm-shift. That it helped with individual progression was a side-effect.

At last count the official QQ thread was at 133 pages. One hundred and thirty-three pages of people QQing, and other people QQing about the first group’s QQing. I think the Internet has trained me well in recognising a pointless argument when I see one.

There really isn’t anything to say that hasn’t been said before:

-Difficulty in WoW is never, never, never static. You personally are nerfing the content every time you put on a gear upgrade. This is part of the game.

-If you are upset by the game supporting less competent players, even encouraging them to think they are competent, WoW is probably not the game for you any more.

Speaking of the above, it’s worth remembering that Mists actually promises to bring us for the first time ever un-nerfable content in the form of Challenge Dungeons. I really don’t think enough emphasis has been put onto this feature for the people who complain about PvE content nerfs.

I suppose for me personally this nerf is incidental. My raid has yet to hit any significant wall in progression. Madness took us a couple of weeks to kill. Heroic Morchok took us a couple more after that, with our first kill last weekend. If this nerf serves to make my raid progression more consistent, I’m fine with that.


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