Force Lightning

After tinkering with a Sith Juggernaut for 25 levels, I’m giving Sith Asassin a go. I get that there is not all that much in the moveis to go on in terms of offensive force powers, but I think it’s pretty funny that the majority of my abilities are variations on Force Lightning. Force Lightning channeled, Force Lightning instant, Force Lightning stun, Force Lightning crowd control, Force Lightning imbued into my lightsaber. I’m only level 11, but I really want to see how far they take this.

I’m reminded of the first Jedi Knight game [Dark Forces II]. The final dark side ability a player could learn in this game was called “Force Destruction”– a spherical, red and black fireball-esque projectile. This might seem silly now, but remember that this game was released in 1997, before any of the prequel trilogy existed, when evil force users were referred to as “Dark Jedi” and the Emperor shooting lightning from his hands was the latest in a string of seemingly escalating force powers demonstrated by the films. In 1997, “Force Destruction” was a reasonable extrapolation.

Cut to 2011 and all we really ended up with in three more films was more levatating and more lightning. Mind you, we’ve had boatloads of lightsaber escalation; double-bladed sabers, duel-wielding sabers, quad-wielding sabers. They put sabers into the hands of characters who had little business wielding a saber. [If a seventh movie is made they will need to resurrect Grand Moff Tarkin as a lightsaber who also sextuple-wields triple-bladed lightsabers.] But in the force powers department, just more levatating and more lightning.

Maybe my Sith Assassin will get the levitating stuff later on.


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