Rare mount get!

The thing that I think is funny is the number of mounts that I think are really ugly until I get one, and then I’m entranced by its strange beauty.

Time-Lost Proto Drake [as of last night]
Grey Riding Camel

I like to compare camping these things to something like SETI; you know they’re out there, somewhere, in the overwhelming emptiness… all you have to do is listen for long enough. And then, eventually, it happens.

I have no interest in spending my time camping, so I’ve been using a low-level character on a second account. She is in-guild so I can summon Syrannia straight there as soon as NPC-scan goes off, and I have a timer on my desk to remind me to de-AFK her every 30 minutes. I tried a couple of times leaving it going overnight with an anti-AFK macro, but after literally twice having woken up to see the alarm had gone off hours before I decided I couldn’t be arsed, so I ended up only camping while I was awake and actually at or near my PC.

Aeonaxx and TLPD took about two weeks each using this technique, with probably about 6-8 hours of AFK camping per day, and most importantly with virtually no impact to my own playtime or other activities.

I’ve been getting this overwhelming feeling recently of just being done with this expansion. I took up mount collecting maybe 10 months ago when I ran out of solo PvE progression, later dabbling a bit in collecting pets [which for the record is way, way easier than mounts], but both of those now seem to have run their respective courses. There are very few mounts left that are even possible to get solo, and with all pets being tradeable soon enough– so I can just buy them instead of grinding for them– I feel little compulsion to put actual effort into finding the few that I could get.

Raiding aside [still love raiding], I feel like I’ve wrung just about as much entertainment as I can out WoW as it currently exists. I’m ready for something new now. Though to be honest when I think about it too much I worry that I’ll become bored even more quickly with Mists, because a so much of my gameplay recently has been the previous expansions’ content which I just never did the first time around [or did on different characters] and now the I’ve cleared this “backlog” I’m looking solely at the new stuff for content.
I need to find me an RBG team. [No, not just for the mount… >_> Shut up.] I actually really enjoy WoW’s PvP, but I get very tired of all the retards in public games.

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