Time may change me…

The hot topic for forum whiners this week is the recent massive update to WoW, including an epic hundred-page thread  [EDIT: now multiple threads] entitled “I didn’t want a new game.” By now I’m sure there are plenty of old hands who loved the game as it was, and change can be scary, but what they don’t seem to acknowledge is the sheer number of players who have and will stop playing and move on to other things, were the game to stay the same.

In this past week I’ve seen guild names I haven’t spotted on my server for years, not since they were a top raiding guild back in whatever tier. I think it’s telling that they’re back now, not for the content addition of Mists in one month, but for the mechanics update of the 5.0.4 patch. They are interested in the game they know being revitalised with modern gameplay mechanics.

It’s easy to see the Blizzard forums as a single whining voice that can’t seem to make up it’s mind, but we need to remember that it’s really just a throng of people with ridiculously different wants, and there is no change [or lack of change for that matter] Blizzard can make without one segment or another getting pissed off.

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