Not sure where to start, really.

I tend to only post in this blog when I’m at work, and as I’ve taken some time off to enjoy Mists at my own pace, the blog has languished.

Some thoughts, in no particular order:

AH sellers are a peculiar breed. Mainly in their lack of understanding of the difference between an item being listed at a certain price and an item selling at that price.

The crafting and selling business is good, though I’ve been spending gold almost as fast as I’ve been earning it so I don’t really notice.

Valor points are pissing me off. It’s like they made a conscious decision to make them as irritating a grind as possible. I remember being a bit put off at having to complete 7 random Heroics to cap Valor in Cataclysm. But that’s nothing compared to the twenty-seven random Heroics we need to complete to cap Valor now. But a person might say that that should be less of an issue now that we can do daily quests instead. You only need to complete two hundred of those. Two fucking hundred daily quests. Not to mention the rep grind required obtain raiding gear. I’m usually one of the last people to complain about doing the same thing over and over in a video game, but right now these “compulsory” quests are making me hate daily questing.

I thought it was pretty funny that because they made the “entry level” PvE gear deliberately terrible people were using PvP gear instead, so they had to buff the former and nerf the latter.

Grummles are awesome.


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