Warlockin’ again

Played my warlock a bit last night, levelling from 85 to 86. Wow. Demonology is amazing. Once you get your head around transitioning frequently between the two modes to it feels very fluid. The design is just beautiful, the way you can bank Demonic Fury and either spend it efficiently for max sustained DPS or inefficiently on powerful burst. AoE burst with two Felguards breaks my brain it’s so OP. Would be even nicer if we had an AoE ability to spend Molten Core procs on instead of just Soul Fire, but I guess we have enough shit already to throw out in AoE situations.

I haven’t quite gotten my head around keeping my damage up during heavy movement yet, and found the final boss in Brewery really frustrating with his bloody spam of that debuff you need to run around to remove, and the beer walls to constantly jump over. Also our healer was terrible and died [then dropped group] halfway through the fight, so I had my own health to worry about too.

I heard that Hunters are getting to move while casting in the next patch. Perhaps it’s time to just allow all casters to move while casting. I mean they already buff melee classes with the assumption that they wont have 100% uptime on the boss due to “movement”, with casters now apparently being totally able to get around their “equivalent” restriction of standing still to cast things in movement fights. So why don’t we just go the whole way and we can get over this nonsense.


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