A bit of E/N

I’ve started running dailies again. Not all of them, but I’ve the Klaxxi have a nice pair of pants that would be great to have come raid time, so they have been my focus recently. Sometimes it’s just good to ignore the metagame and just focus on what’s in front of you.

Arms is a lot of fun to play these days, with plenty of tools for dealing with crowds of mobs at the same time. I’ve even started accepting the Damage role in dungeons if the opportunity arises, mainly because I know that my contribution as DPS will lead to a faster run overall, and to hell with undergeared tanks– I can keep myself alive if I need to. I’m really happy with the recent changes to the timing of CD-refresh procs. It’s now a lot easier to react to these before the next GCD even with Aussie latency.

In pet battles,  I’ve reached [what I am assuming is] the final Gym Leaders for Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. These guys have L19 pets, so I reckon once my guys all L17 I should be able to down them without worrying about all my attacks missing.

My current team is… actually I just noticed Battle.net shows your current team, so: LINK. Yes, I know I’m using a Dragon and and an Elemental like every single other player. But they’re both really good, so ner. I find the pairing of hard-hitting long-CD abilities with pets that can heal is a good strategy, and the damage that Scorchling can put out is just insane.

I need to find a mod that keeps track of when your opponent uses their abilities so you can see when their CDS are up. Knowing whether your opponent has a defensive ability ready to use, or if their big CD just became ready is really useful information.

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