GC’s PvP propositions

Ghostcrawer has a blog up about the current state of PvP. He went over some of the ideas the dev team has been considering implementing, a couple of which caught my eye. I should mention I don’t PvP very much because while half the time it’s really enjoyable, the other half makes me hate everyone and everything in the universe.

“Loss-of-control UI”– that being some kind of dealie on the interface which shows you very clearly that you have been controlled so that you don’t have the frustrating experience of trying to push buttons and nothing happening. I fucking love it. Literally just last night I died to a pack of really annoying chain-1sec-stunning elites on my Shaman because I thought I had hit my healing CD, but didn’t notice that I was momentarily stunned when I pressed it so it never went off. I mean fears and disorient effects are easy to notice and react to, snares and roots too if you’re trying to move at the time; but for things like stuns, hexes, disarms; in the thick of battle it often takes me a second or two to realise why my buttons are suddenly not doing anything.

Queueing for Rated BGs with only 5 people would be fantastic– enough of a barrier to entry to ensure that the individuals who join the group and least think they know what they’re doing and have some accountability to the team, but drastically reduces the logistical issue of needing so many people online at the same time to access this part of the game.


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