Return of the Jedi

As much as I dislike the the implementation of “Free to play” that Star Wars has gone with, I now have to concede that it was 100% successful in getting me to resubscribe to the game. Over Christmas I had two days of absolutely nothing to do and the game took that opportunity to sink its hooks into me again.

I spent most of my time on my lowbie Jedi Knight, but when I logged onto my Bounty Hunter, Robe, I ended up getting pulled into a Operation with my guild, along with a few other relative newbies. It’s a bit of a remarkable co-incidence that whatever random time I log on to Robe, it always seems to be Wednesday night, my guild’s Ops night.

I think I’m going to delete my Sith Warrior. Playing that story as light side makes no sense and it’s a bit excruciating watching the dialogue after I report back to my master after making some huge lightside choice  and he can only talk in the vaguest terms about that thing which transpired, and how surprised he was that that would happen, and he probably would never have sent me on that assignment if I had known it would transpire that way. I may come back to that story later, probably with a Marauder, and play darkside as was obviously intended. Will need to brainstorm character ideas…

Apart from that I’m really happy with my other characters. Robe I’ve talked about before. Acherel, my “pretty boy” Pureblood Sith Assassin is great fun as the slimy, conniving, power-mongerer. And Dreyd, my “pretty boy” Zabrak Jedi Guardian has a bit too much passion than his calling should allow for, too easily caught up in conflict and losing his true perspective.


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