The Batmen of Star Wars

I’ve been operating at a sleep debt all week and keep meaning to catch up, but I seem to be stuck in a bit of an MMO… thing, which is causing me to lose track of the time at night.

I bought the Grade 7 spaceship upgrades so I could do the new missions without my ship melting, but god damn those things are a step up in difficulty. I actually had to learn how to fly defensively [power to shields, move your ship in a square-ish circle around the edge of your screen while spamming barrel roll; makes you practically invincible], and found myself compelled to look up more information online. Apparently you can steer your ship with the movement keys while keeping your targeting reticle in the same place. Mind=blown. Did the game provide this information to me somewhere and I just missed it? Because that seems pretty significant. I just assumed it was like Starfox, that you can only ever shoot straight ahead and that’s just how the game works. I’ve been getting torn up by laser fire this whole time, assuming that the best way to avoid damage is to kill the thing which is killing you, and now I find out I never needed to stay perfectly still just to shoot straight.
I also had a look at a couple of videos and now have to wonder if the size of the Bounty Hunter ship actually translates to a bigger hitbox in the game. I do love Robe’s ship… though I didn’t at first. It’s a pretty retarded design you have to admit, but it grew on me with its very Bounty Hunter-appropriate lack of giving a toss; “Yeah, I’m totally impractical but fuck you.” I guess even if it was easier to hit, I’m okay with that, because that’s just part of being a god damn Bounty Hunter. If you can’t outsmart them, at least you know you out-gun them.
It suddenly occurs to me that Bounty Hunters are like the Batmen of the Star Wars universe.

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