How to enjoy Raid Finder

So we all know that Raid Finder is designed for the lowest common denominator and success is guaranteed no matter what you do, but it can be enjoyable if you approach it with the right attitude.

Some things you may enjoy:

– Healing meter competition. The best way to Raid Finder in my opinion, because the players typically take enough avoidable damage that you’ll have plenty of raid heals to snipe. Fast, competitive fun. Many normal mode skills still apply: you still want to learn the damage flow of the fight to use CDs effectively and heal proactively, and mana management still applies as you’ll easily waste a ton on overheals. Hard mode: actually tell the other healers you want a meter competition.

– Damage meter competition. Same again but no need to pay attention to the fight. Plant your feet, tunnel your vision, AoE indiscriminately and ignore any mechanics that wont instakill you. That’s what healers are for.

– Tanking ALL THE THINGS for Vengeance epeen. Take as much damage as possible to deal as much damage as possible. Wind Lord Mel’jarak is especially great for this– if you pull all the Menders and let their damage and attack speed buff stack you can get yourself a few hundred thousand AP and really show all those DPS losers how irrelevant they are.

– Actively griefing the raid. I would never do that. Only a huge jerk would do that.

Just be careful; tools like Leap of Faith, Hand of Protection, Void Shift and Demonic Gateway which are meant to be used strategically could be used to manipulate raid members into situations which they may not be able to recover from. Mind that brief window in Spirit Kings that lets other raid members hit you with damaging abilities; this window can also be used to apply stuns, debuffs or crowd-controls. Watch out for people using knockback or taunts on mobs which need to be positioned correctly to avoid cleave/breath damage hitting the raid. And as for the rage potential of an poorly-timed Heroism or equivalent… well… just kill yourself and you’ll be good to go for the next one.


2 thoughts on “How to enjoy Raid Finder

  1. Coreus,
    The best thing about this post is I have no idea how much of it is meant to be serious, if any or all! You move between serious comments and zany suggestions throughout, which made this very enjoyable to read.



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