World of Warcraft

Ennui. I has it.

I keep thinking that I should go buy a fricking Fight Club [I forget what it’s called] invitation because everything I’ve heard points to that content being something I would really enjoy. But because the tickets all sell during peak server time– well before I get home from work. So to get one I’d have to put in a super early bid, so I’d have to work out what amount they are actually selling for so I could bid around that amount, and by that point in my line of thinking I find I just don’t care that much. I want to want to put that much effort into the game again, but it’s just not happening.

I reached the Valor Cap last week. I mean the total Valor cap, 3000. I would love to buy a Stamina trinket, but I’m only allowed to buy that if I complete a couple of weeks of mind-meltingly boring daily quests, so I bought 4 ilevels instead. I think I liked the game better before they “encouraged” [forced] players to complete “a variety of content” [daily quests].

I’ve not touched the AH in nearly a month, which since I haven’t really adjusted my spending to compensate, means I’ve nearly run out of gold. The AH has always been a big part of my enjoyment in WoW, but unfortunately I’m locked out of my auction mule account.
Basically the situation is that I’m between Internet providers at the moment so my only way of playing has been through a wireless dongle, and Blizzard has helpfully recognised my logging in from a different IP address each time as “suspicious activity” and forced me to perform a password reset using their online form. Which is fair enough, but their online form does not fucking work.

I fill out the form, I enter my secret question, it sends me a confirmation link in an email, but when I click the confirmation link, the website tells me that An error has occurred, with no further explanation other than a helpful second line reiterating that An error has occurred. In case I was unconvinced by the first line alone, or the fact that I was still unable to access my fucking account.

I tried submitting a ticket [on my main account since you need to be able to log in to submit one] but the GM practically yelled at me that due to security reasons they were unable to help unless I called them. And it turns out their phone hours are between 2am and 3pm [adjusted for my local timezone]. So I guess I’ll give them another call Saturday morning and hopefully I wont be so fed up with the process by the end that I just give up and play Star Wars instead. That game doesn’t ban people for no reason, right?

Meanwhile I still log on to my main characters and just… don’t know what to do any more. Tanking 5-man dungeons is still fun I guess. Healing raid finder is interesting enough. I got my Warlock to 90 a few weeks ago and basically haven’t touched him since because I don’t care enough to wait around for 20 minutes in a queue before I get to play.

As an aside, you know what I wish they would offer as a reward for tanking 5-man dungeons? The ability to skip the queue on a damage role. I mean the Call to Arms bonus could be a token attached to your account which would allow you to jump to the front of the queue for a future random dungeon– in other words a reward relatively proportional to the contribution you are making to the system by accepting the unpopular role. [I say relatively because if it were truly proportional you would get four tokens, one for each of the four people whose queue time you assisted.] The satchel just doesn’t cut it since experienced players, ie the ones who actually play tanks, have little need for the pittance of gold/items that the satchel offers.

I virtually always tank or heal in a group setting– the only time I don’t is when the class I’m playing physically can’t do either. So when I am “stuck” on a pure damage class, sitting in that queue, all I can think of is the amount of time I’ve spent contributing, taking on the unpopular roles for other players, and that now that the shoe is on the other foot none of it counts for anything.

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