Actually playing

My death knight, Geldt, reached level ninety, and I’m not really sure what to do with him now. I’m still missing a few meta gem cuts so I’ll probably at least run a few Heroics until I can pick them up.

What has surprised me is that I’m enjoying Unholy spec more than tanking as Blood spec– surprising because I normally love tanking. I find Blood has a steep learning curve and a radically different playstyle to the Warrior which I am way too familiar with. Death Knight is almost like a backwards Warrior– instead of charging to enemies you grip or silence them so they come to you. I feel like learning to tank at an acceptable level would require me to un-learn a good deal of my Warrior technique. It also occurred to me how superfluous having a second level ninety tank is, considering I much prefer playing the Warrior.

Unholy on the other hand is a blast. I’ve said it before, but the disease-spreading mechanic is great fun, and I love classes that feel like they’re using many different damage sources. I actually think I prefer this class to Enhancement Shaman, mainly because the AoE is easier to manage.

So this has been a nice diversion from… not playing the game, I guess. Now I’m eyeing my level eighty-five hunter and remembering all the times I had previously returned to that class to realise that I had forgotten how much fun it was.


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