It must be that point in the cycle — right now I’m enjoying the fuck out of WoW again. I haven’t done any progression raiding in over a month, but the funny thing about WoW is you don’t have to look very far to find new goals to pursue.

I feel like I’ve turned into a major altaholic recently. I had a really good play with my Death Knight as Unholy spec [got to exalted with Cloud Serpent for those jeweled panther designs, but still missing two very stubborn meta-gem cuts], but when I saw a cheap Sealed Tome on the AH I forgot all about him and started banging my head against the Kanrethad solo encounter with Coreus‘ puny item level and a Demonology spec which appears to be really sub-optimal for that fight.

So I picked up Destruction as a secondary spec and have been using that for dailies and junk to make sure I know how to use it, and realised that I had forgotten how much fucking fun Destruction is. It’s got all the burst I crave, especially while soloing when you can spam the crap out of Shadowburn to generate embers, and with only one dot and no demon contributing to damage, the spec is balanced completely around nukes which can hit for hundreds of thousands of damage.

So I’ve got the spec, now I just need the gear. With the weekly raid reset happening overnight, my plan is to somehow gain another item level tonight to reach 470 with hopefully enough time left to complete Heart of Fear and Terrace afterwards. I have 1500 or so VPs, but with no reputations unlocked the only thing I can spend it on is the i522 Neck, which is not ideal– the discounted 5.0 rep items would be much more significant upgrades for the points, but I am not fucking doing Golden fucking Lotus on yet another fucking toon. I only recently finally stopped hating those dailies, I’m not about to burn myself out on them again.

Coreus also needs another 4 Lesser Charms before the reset to get Mogu runes for the week. He’s nowhere close to entering the raid which uses them, but they will definitely be extremely useful in the future. Pet battles FTW!


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