Coreus is still progressing. Current item level 472, with plenty of T14 raid finder bosses left to kill this week. I’m wondering if 480 may actually be feasible within this lockout, so I can get into the T15 raid finders. I’ve got a date with Kanrethad as soon as I’m satisfied that I can’t improve my gear any more this week.

I’ve decided to go for Klaxxi rep as well. On reflection, it’s a pretty obvious choice:
– several cheap VP items and a free ring at exalted
– no Golden Lotus gating bullshit
– I’ve still got loads of yellow quests left in the zone
– a human, in a guild, with double rep unlocked gets 110% x 110% x 200% = 242% rep gain

I realised that the massive amount of dailies that Coreus is doing to grind rep is capping his VP really early in the week, so I have no reason to run 5-man dungeons or scenarios any more [except for, ironically, the bonus rep]. This saddens me greatly because this kind of small-group content is my favourite part of the game. Really, I’m pretty disappointed in Blizzard for this. I feel pretty marginalised by the current endgame design– like the devs don’t believe that there are any skilled players who don’t raid.

Sometimes I get the impression they made Challenge dungeons just as a shortcut to stop people complaining about how trivial the “Heroic” 5-man dungeons are. “If it’s too easy, go do the challenge mode!” the CMs cry with glee. Because obviously it’s my own fault that I’m not actively meeting other skilled players in the game to run with, and why should they go out of their way to help people who refuse to help themselves. -coughraidfindercough-

I’ve also realised that in Mists of Pandaria, “Heroic” and “Rare” [as in rare spawn] have joined “Epic” as words which the WoW developers seem determined to rob of all meaning.

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