Poor again

Because as much gold as I make through auctions, I tend to spend it just as fast. Being short on cash has irritating side-effects, like not being able to afford the “trivial” cost of reputation mounts and having to shuffle gold around just to make the purchase.

Oh, on that topic I suppose it’s worth an update on my mount count; 203 as of Sunday [excluding class mounts]. Now let’s have 5.3 already so I can get credit for it. Notable additions include Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent, Azure Drake, and Ashes of Al’ar– that last one being the Black Market purchase which is the cause of my current financial situation.

Azure Drake is another mount that I desired for a long long time and always felt a twinge of jealousy any time I saw another player riding one. I had expected to have to grind this one out for months like most low drop chance mounts, but on a whim I decided to go do Malygos, mainly to make sure I could solo it for future grind planning, and bam there it was. RNG is a funny thing.

I’ve considered myself to be mostly “on break” from mount collecting up until this point in the expansion, but I’m sure my attention will be drawn back to mounts as I run out of endgame progression and alts to level. I still have three goldsink and six rep grind mounts left to get before I need to start farming rare ones again, so I think once I have those I’ll consider the break officially over. I hear Al’akir is soloable now…

I noticed something that made reflect a bit on all the whingeing that happened when the Black Market was first announced. Learning Ashes of Al’ar earned me a Feat of Strength, the description of which reads “Obtain the Ashes of Al’ar from Kael’thas Sunstrider in Tempest Keep.” — which I most certainly didn’t do. I know it’s only technically incorrect, but it kind of bugs me that I was able to buy credit for something I literally didn’t do.

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