Mistweaver levelling

What’s been interesting to notice is the massive jump in complexity going into Cataclysm dungeons. When these dungeons first appeared I attributed their difficulty mostly to the expansion gear reset, but after spending the last eight months in Mists dungeons, the Cata ones are a very noticeable step up in complexity, not just numbers. It’s easy to recognise in hindsight that the amount of work and design ambition that went into these dungeons was well out of proportion to how most players wanted to play them. And I thought that lesson was learned after the Vanilla dungeons…

I bought one of those ridiculous Mists BoE weapons for my Monk, and I think it tripled her output. I’ve been out-damaging everyone in the levelling dungeons I’m healing, with the exception of the times I run into another player using a Mists BoE. For context, my upgrade was from an i285 polearm to an i425 1H sword, the former having 900 spell power, the latter 3600. Also, I put a Jade Spirit enchant on it. So you understand my use of the term “ridiculous”.

I also found an awesome 1H sword transmog, which has swayed me from my previous intention of playing this character as unarmed. With Jade Spirit on it that sword looks amazing.

Kiddow is eighty-four currently and I’m really looking forward to getting her to Pandaria. Not so much because I expect levelling to become more interesting– there are actually fewer levelling dungeons in the current expansion, it’s more the case of the character becoming current in a lot of ways. I can set my hearth in Pandaria, access profession bonuses and cooldowns and start accruing Harmony, farm rare spawns, start on reputation grinds which will be useful at endgame… I’ve heard you can get world boss loot even if you’re not 90 yet, but I’ve yet to actually confirm this.


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