My first compulsory server merge

The Star Wars MMO decided a while back that its Australian (that’s what “Asia-Pacific” means, right?) players are no longer worth specifically catering for, so I’ve just been informed that should I not elect to utilise my “free” character transfers voluntarily in the next month that all my characters will all be moved anyway (though helpfully this is also free) to a server in another country twelve thousand kilometres away on the other side of the Pacific Ocean.

I realise that Australian players who care about game latency are probably a bit of a minority among the Star Wars MMO playerbase, so don’t feel I have the right to get too upset, but at the same time this decision has significantly soured my feelings for the game, knowing that I’m being given a lesser service now than I was before. Playing MMOs without at least 200ms of latency is a luxury I don’t get to experience with many games.
I’m honestly curious to see whether the hypothetical “average player” will notice the change. Whether they will think the game kind of feel slower sometimes, or complain that the buttons take longer to register, or notice lag spikes are happening more often. Probably not, I guess.

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