Interface ruins my immersion.

Am I supposed to believe that in my fantasy world my hero is constantly followed around by a huge chunk of metal with gryphon bookends, containing what appear to be a collection of icons representing her various spells and abilities. Give me a break.

And for some reason whenever I move into a geographically distinct area floating words appear in the air which name the area that I just entered. You want to talk about immersion-breaking?

A man walked up to me and said “greetings”. I was about to reply when a perfectly round white cloud materialised above his head with the words “hey there” mysteriously inscribed there on, while he only mouthed silently and gestured at me. What is this bullshit in my MMO?

What’s more, every time I look at an enemy a weird red circle appears magically on the ground around it. I’ve found I can’t even cast a single offensive spell unless my vision is targeted precisely at an enemy so I don’t even have any way of getting around or turning off this awful horrible immersion-breaking laser circle.


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