What I’ve been doing in WoW

I rolled a Blood Elf Monk a few days ago, and levelled him to 45 so far. I think I’m thoroughly in love with this class. I feel powerful, and the attacks all feel good to pull off. Windwalker has a great rhythm to it: Jab is your downbeat and Combo Breaker procs determine your time signature; Jab, Palm, Jab, Kick, Kick, Jab, Kick, Jab, mega aoe stun bullshittttt….

I’m running a damage and a healing spec, doing a bit of questing and a bit of dungeoning. I healed a Dire Maul run while topping the damage meters, which I think offended the DPS of the group– they instantly accused me of poor healing after the squishiest tank ever died from one of his constant damage spikes. So much rage. But apart from that I’ve been enjoying the fuck out of the class. I don’t have any particular plan for this toon, I’ve just been enjoying playing it.

In conclusion, Monk is the best class.

The level 90 boost icon sits on my character screen taunting me. But I’m just tired enough of the current tier of raiding that I don’t see any point in doing it over again. It makes sense to save it for whatever class/faction I end up wanting to play through Draenor with but don’t already have at 90.

I don’t have any Horde toons at endgame, but I’ve been playing around with a few fresh-rolled class/race combinations on Moon Guard (great friendly place to level) to see what’s resonant; a male Goblin Warrior, female Undead Death Knight, and the male Blood Elf Monk have kept my attention for several hours of playtime each so far. The male Blood Elf works really well for a Monk I think, though I can’t say I’ve mastered Arcane Torrent yet.

It’s interesting to note that all three are melee classes. It’s not that I haven’t rolled any ranged classes– I recently tried a Mage and a Hunter, but neither stuck. They just seem to get boring faster I guess. It’s weird that I always disliked raiding or PvPing as melee, but melee classes somehow tend to be more fun to solo than ranged.

I wonder why that is…


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