It’s come to my attention that at some point every Mistweaver started telling every other Mistweaver to gem for crit. So far not a single one of those people has been able to justify this opinion past “you should be doing this” or “yeah crit is really good”. Some people like to have evidence before advocating radical change.

So I’ve done multiple google searches, I’ve been to EJ, Icyveins, Noxxic, official forums, multiple healing blogs; most still provide specific advice to gem for intellect, and the ones that do seem to prioritise crit don’t explain why.
Is this cutting-edge theorycrafting that the establishment has yet to bring on board? Are people simming to get this conclusion? Is it just a tradeoff for mana regen? Is it that stupid Robot site spitting out poorly calculated stat weights again? Has it come out of poorly worded gemming advice where it’s assumed that the reader already understands that Intellect is their best stat. Is it something that some famous raider did and inadvertently popularised?
Using facebook regularly has shown me how easily terrible ideas can gain legitimacy. Perhaps crit gemming like is the anti-vaccine movement of Mistweavers. Hah.
I should clarify that I’m not arguing against crit gemming. It’s just that the people who have spouted this point of view at me are obviously not doing their own research, just repeating what they’ve been told, and I don’t trust those people.

Someone show me I’m wrong about all this so I can shut up. That’s called science.


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