Announcement announced.

My launcher has been screaming at me that the 12th of August is when Blizzard intends to announce when they will announce the date of the next WoW expansion.

This is pretty good news for people who hope to play the expansion before the end of the year. Maybe it will arrive before Blizzcon. Or just after.
I keep hearing about Warrior’s new Gladiator stance and the amazing things you can and can’t do while using it and… I can’t be the only one who hears “stance” as “gameplay restrictions.”

Every now and again stances get a superficial make it a bonus pass where they rephrase the tooltip to  describe the stance change in a glass-half-full way, but stances alway end up becoming the cross nanny rapping your hand for daring to try to use the wrong combat ability at the dinner table and telling you to go stand in the corner for a GCD and cool off before you try again.

I finished my little Mistweaver spreadsheet. It doesn’t do much, but I really wanted to “prove” this thing for myself. Also, I really wanted to make some graphs. I like graphs.

I should also note that I’m using Healiocentric‘s maths, but I added some extra stuff to take into account the small amount of crit granted by Intellect. I answered the question anyway; crit gems became more valuable above ~42k spell power. I hope I didn’t make any mistakes.

I’m still tooling around with my hordies on Moon Guard. I rolled an Goblin Shaman years ago because I fucking love their mechanical totems and I had in my head the concept of a street-smart mechanical genius who is as clever at manipulating the elements as he is his business partners. He has scuzzy hair pulled into a greasy ponytail and jets around reclined in his personal rocket.
But anyway I sent him some heirlooms and ran around smacking things with my fire-tipped weapons for a bit. The randomness of enhancement fits a goblin character really well; he just throws everything at the enemy: fire, metal, electricity, explosives. I’m think I’m also starting to like my clattering fire totem more than any other pet.* It stays where I place it and just shoots, like an imp minus the constant whingeing.
Of all the classes I’m playing on Horde, Shaman is the one I don’t also play Alliance-side any more. Might be a good candidate for a level 90 boost. Enhancement is really fun.
*Except Xuen, he’s my cuddly kitty.

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