How many days is it now until we learn how many months we will have to wait?

I guess I find stuff like this a bit demeaning– being told to be excited about something, or being spoken to under the assumption that of course I’m excited about the new product that this company wants to sell me at some point in the future. Or possibly has already sold to me and is trying to keep me from thinking about them having my money and me having nothing to show for it yet.

Well, not nothing. My Blizzard Launcher gained the option to play “Warlords of Draenor” months ago– but I still get Mists of Pandaria every single time I load it. Maybe I need to submit a bug report.

Some stuff I did find interesting has emerged over the last few days:

Blizzard is trying yet again to build a comprehensive group-finding tool into the game. Maybe people will use it this time. No seriously, people might actually use it. They really might!

A new 250-mounts achievement was announced, then a few complainey people all simultaneously quit WoW because the mount reward was not better than all of the previous 250, so we don’t get that mount any more, but now we do get a green recolour of the Firebird from Firelands, which I think is pretty cool.

I’ve only got eight mounts left to go which should be a piece of cake. Actually only five mounts if you include the three free Phoenixes in 6.0. Or three mounts if I’m desperate enough to log onto a toon with class mounts to get the achievement. So yeah, piece of cake.


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