Wat is satire i cant understand

Today I learned a new way to win an argument. If someone disagrees with you, just pretend whatever thing they disagree with isn’t real, which makes it a STRAWMAN ARGUMENT. Which means your opponent is wrong, which means you win!

If anyone tries to tell you that you have misunderstood, just disagree with everything they say. You already know you didn’t misunderstand anything, which makes it a STRAWMAN ARGUMENT so your opponent is wrong, so you win!

Always remember, if you can find a two-word excuse for why someone is wrong, you don’t need to engage with what they are saying because you already proved them wrong.

It’s also important to note that in the case that you know your opponent is wrong, then it’s okay to use a strawman to demonstrate it. If anyone calls you on it, they’re only quibbling over nonsense so who cares.

Now let me tell you about the king of argument winners: sleeping with your opponent’s wife. That way in case you run out of ways to attack your opponent, you can still fall back on “Yeah? Well I slept with your wife!” And you win.

In case they use the same tactic in response, make sure you’ve slept with your opponent’s daughter as well.

You might think this all sounds a bit absurd, but just remember that if someone disagrees with you, that means they are wrong, so it’s okay to be a little bit unfair to “balance” it.

Though if someone you disagree with says something unfair, that’s a strawman and you win by saying so.

Engaging with the topic should only be done as a last resort. Have you tried calling your opponent childish names? Do that first.

Remember, the point of arguing is to win by reinforcing what you already knew to be true. Trying to understand other points of view is only appropriate if you already agree with them.


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