I know this happened last week but I just read about it and I am FREAKING OUT but not really though because that’s ridiculous.

Blizzard, Blizzard, Blizzard… Isn’t one of your mantras to “make it a bonus”? Didn’t anybody think to phrase this as a buff to everyone that isn’t a tank?

Saying over and over “it’s not a bad thing, it’s not a nerf” leads me to wonder why they are so certain they will have to rebut that viewpoint in the first place. I feel like these guys have lost faith in their playerbase to be rational. It reflects poorly on the company to seem so insecure and afraid of doing anything that might upset people. Couldn’t this attitude even reinforce some players’ demanding expectations?

Is there anything we can do about players who react negatively to anything they see as detrimental to their playstyle? How do you help someone see that they aren’t the only person that matters?

Or can we at least stop giving dumb questions a platform? Is it that difficult to determine which questions are based in a totally unrealistic understanding of reality?

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