Fistweaving is awesome now

My guild’s new “combined” Mythic raid killed Garrosh this week. “Post nerf” if you will. “Totally carried” if you will. That might be an overstatement, but I just never feel like I’m playing properly if I’m at the bottom of the healing numbers.

I need to reiterate at this point that it’s fucking bullshit to ask us to pay for one whole subscription period of “between expansions” where half the game is broken because the game is now designed for a level that does not exist. Most of the information online is now out-of-date, the rest is irrelevant to the current state of the game.

With that over with, I’m gradually hating the Mistweaver changes less. The unobvious tradeoff for slow stance changes is that the melee stance has been developed into a much more “complete” specialisation.

Melee is now actually interesting, not just the same two abilities over and over. Blackout Kick finally justifies its Chi cost by causing literally five healing events per cast, and we now have burst AoE healing. We’re doing junk for damage, but honestly that was never the point.

I’ve been meleeing between critical healing phases because mana regen is so ridiculous and tanks are so self-sufficient that we suddenly have a lot of downtime and I would probably get totally bored with raiding if I didn’t.

Detonate Chi is the main burst AoE ability for crane stance and seems to have a spectacular synergy with the improved Blackout Kick– five separate heals means five times the chance to spawn orbs. I’m a bit confused about whether this ability does five heals from yourself and five from the statue; or whether it chooses five targets from within the combined range of yourself and of the statue. I’ve tried google and a few theorycrafting forums but haven’t found anything.

Detonate so far seems like it’s been mostly ignored by theorycrafters, since they seem to assume that (a) your balls will expire while there are people in range (b) those people will probably need healing at that moment. When we could glyph our balls to last for three minutes it was a lot easier to justify leaving them around for people to use later on in the fight. But the whole point of this ability is burst throughput, not increasing overall healing. Our first job is to keep people alive, as much as we obsess over numbers most of the time.

I get that it’s not really possible to track your active healing orbs so it’s hard to measure, but I strongly suspect that both Detonate Chi and Blackout Kick are probably being undervalued by the theorycrafting community at the moment, especially in the current half-broken environment. Every time I’ve remembered to use it has resulted in a massive amount of Gift of the Serpent healing– you can’t explain that.

Jade Crackling Lightning has changed function completely. This ability used to be ridiculously strong; dealing almost the same damage as the more complicated melee rotation but without the range or movement requirement, and it follows people around line-of-sight breaks. I know, right? But it never comboed well enough with any Chi spenders to be a cohesive playstyle; I always felt like using it as a primary damage ability was cheesing the game.

Now the duration has been reduced from eight seconds to one-point-four and all four ticks generate a Chi. Also it costs about a quarter of your mana bar– it’s the “fast heal” of crane stance, generating four Chi in the time it takes a basic melee attack to generate one, so you can keep pumping out kicks and orbs. Also I think it might do damage to its target, but I haven’t confirmed this.

Revival and grape bubble (I literally can’t remember the name of the big green absorb bubble ability) are both unrestricted by stance thank god. And for that matter Surging Mist actually is not a terrible substitute for proper healing if you just need to top someone off. Revival is ridiculously strong at the moment, probably just due its design– I’m pretty sure that it is simply the one spell with the most healing throughput.

Good to know Monks still get something OP.


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