Message of the Day

Today’s message of the day as I logged into WoW was “Being polite in groups will get you invited back.”

They need to update it to “Being polite in groups doesn’t matter any more because you can just re-queue straight away.”

I had a total blast leveling through Draenor. Some of the most interesting questing I’ve seen in the game so far. I did a few leveling dungeons are they were all fun and challenging. Whether the challenge came from the dungeon or the poor gameplay of my teammates wasn’t really relevant– I had fun.

Then I reached endgame.


Now there is something you need to understand about World of Warcraft. It’s the healer’s job to keep everyone alive. So if someone dies, it’s only because the healer failed to stop them from dying. This is so obvious to everyone that it’s not even worth saying. Yeah, that’s right, you just wasted seconds of your life reading something you already knew.

Maybe I just need to face up to being not a good enough player to heal heroic 5-man dungeons. Self-delusion can be pretty insidious.

**SATIRE OVER ** I was trying to demonstrate how ridiculous it is to blame the healer even though everyone seems to do it anyway by coming to a ridiculous conclusion based on this assumed truth. The relative merit of my healing accomplishments as compared to other players has already convinced me I’m not a bad healer– but this context had clearly not been established to a degree that the satire would be obvious. My blind conviction to what most would consider a highly-debatable idea (and the concurrent shift in style toward awkward tautological sentences) was also meant to be a tonal cue, this one relying only on an established context of me not being that stupid.


2 thoughts on “Message of the Day

  1. Uh, that's actually not true. You can't brute force heal right now, we don't have the stats for it. If people are standing in crap they're not supposed to, or the tank isn't using their active mitigation correctly, or people aren't interrupting spells, and so on, there's not a damn thing you as the healer can do.

    Sure, pop a cool down or two, and you can make the occasional save, but if the rest of the party is playing poorly, then you cannot save them most of the time.


  2. Healers had it easy in Pandaria. they just had to spam AoE heals ion the group and concentrate on the tank. They never ran out of mana.

    In Draenor, healing is much more interesting. Mana conservation is a very important part of healers' decisions now.

    It isn't the healer's job to keep everyone alive. It's the healer's job to keep the tank alive, just as it is the tank's job to keep the healer alive. As a damage dealer, I accept this, and do what I can to keep myself alive. I'd rather that I died than that a tank or healer died.


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