Some thoughts on the expansion info that has been revealed so far.

The Legion is back! Again! The Burning Crusade was merely a setback. Now begins the Legion Crusade! Though if this one turns out to be a setback too, they’ll probably be back in about expansion number ten with a fully armed and fully operational Burning Legion Crusade. If we kill Archimonde any more the lore team might finally give up and just say respawning is canon.

Artifact weapons sound like a great alternate progression system, and anything that might simplify loot tables a bit is probably good– we don’t need more gear slots to fill. Class quests sound dumb but whatever, so are most quests.

The third new class to be added to the game is the Demon Hunter from Diablo. Though for some reason in WoW it’s a melee class, not ranged. I assume they just liked the name “Demon Hunter” because it’s expansion appropriate and threw out everything but the name like any good corporation trying to exploit a franchise.

Do the devs know something I don’t, which is why they have never created a new ranged class? I just don’t get why it keeps happening. I’m not saying it’s definitely not a coincidence, but three is a much clearer pattern than two. If it continues like that, next we’ll get either a melee Witch Doctor or melee Wizard.

The other disappointing thing is that like Death Knights you can’t level Demon Hunters from the start of the game. Levels one through ninety-four are missing from this class. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a minority of players because I don’t actively resent every unnecessary second that Blizzard forces me to play their video game.

Also, and I might be splitting hairs here, but two hero classes? It’s like the word hero has no meaning any more.


2 thoughts on “Again!

  1. Blizzard has always had two different kinds of demon hunters. In Warcraft 3 they were rogue/warlock things with glaives and in Diablo they're ranged crossbow slingers. I always found it kind of odd.


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